Lyn Pearson

Paintings and sketches, mainly in soft pastels. Landscapes and seascapes executed en plein air. Prints available of images that have a number under them.

These sunrise sketches were done sitting on Whitley Bay sea front during summer months, with only the seagulls and the odd dog walker around; a beautiful, quiet time of day, full of hope.


I've been working mainly in soft pastels for the last 3 years; en plein air, even in the rain & snow. I have not yet strapped myself to a ship's mast (*Turner), but I do use an electric head torch for my night time sketching. This doesn't last long as, even in mild weather, fingers seize up fairly quickly when you're not moving. I love painting outside, especially the sunrises over the sea; a magical time of day, but sometimes the seagulls go after the colourful pastels!

I started out oil painting years ago, after doing a degree in fine art. Then I started travelling and doing other things... Finally, I came back to art, using soft pastels to draw the landscape where I was living in Milton Keynes. Now in Northumberland I'm using Unison soft pastels and getting back into oils; using canvas, canvas on board and sometimes wooden panels.


Paintings from way back ...

Freemining in the Royal Forest of Dean

I was living near the Forest of Dean, many years ago, and one of the local freeminers let me go into the mine and paint while he worked. Nothing beats painting from life, capturing the essence of the moment; oil on board, approx 8" x 10".